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The Ritual

We invite you to meditate, and luxuriate in our perfume ritual. Both the considered man or woman should take time to revel in this.


Act I: Prime, Post showering or on clean skin for best results. Generously apply the Primer to the

décolletage, arms and shoulders. Gently massage into clean skin.


Act II: Apply, Drop approximately 3 - 4 drops of Perfume oil on the back of the wrist, massage wrists together gently; and apply to both the neck, décolletage & to the ends of wet hair after showering. 


Act III: Activate, Apply three sprays of the activator on your skin: décolletage, neck and wrists. Optionally, add another 2-3 Sprays of our Activator to clothes or dry washed hair.  

Close the eyes and allow for presence as the perfume begins to express itself fully.

All of the above products have been balanced and designed to be paired together, emphasising our passion for the ritual. We have sourced high quality ingredients and certified organic essential oils wherever possible for maximum functionality and efficacy. Our standards have not wavered in the process of creating our Perfume Ritual, that is both singular in concept and ethically sourced.  Our products are available to purchase individually or in sets to be paired with one another.


Packaged with an artisan’s touch, bottles have been designed from the highest quality Italian glass, essential to the preservation of its contents. Modelled on the vintage whisky flask, our glassware is encased in silver hardware and inscribed with the lilting Herbe logo. 


Herbe is delivered to you in our re-conceptualised mailer boxes featuring romantic drawings. Upon opening, we have provided your signed Perfumer Card cushioned between hand- printed muslin cloth. The boxes are resilient and easy to flat pack to maintain their integrity. Please keep and use for travel purposes. 


Our products are not tested on animals, and all products are made with respect and mastery in

Melbourne, Australia and Los Angeles, California. See ‘Our Story’  and ‘History and Creation’ to find out further information. 

‘He who ruled scent, ruled the hearts of men’ -  Patrick Süskind

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