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Our Story & Vision 

Your scent, your own sensory expression should be as singular as your finger print. Herbe understands this imperative and has designed a beautiful answer to the call. Our perfume activates with your own biology to produce a scent that only you have. So many perfumes intrude upon the fragile and fleeting realm of scent; we have been inspired to lovingly hand prepare a perfume ritual that instead lingers and works miraculously with your own chemistry.

Since the inception of Herbe, sourcing both ethical and certified organic essential oils wherever possible has been integral to the brand. We maintain that our perfume is delicately aware of the user, and of the environment. A combination of well sourced and effective ingredients designed to be gender non-specific. Our perfume is hand made in Melbourne and we are fiercely animal cruelty-free. 

Time and diligence have allowed us to perfect and deliver a perfume that is in response to the genuine needs expressed by our friends. We have intended to produce a perfume that is far from the more ephemeral, organic oil blends currently available on the market.

Herbe’s initial scent is subtle to the user but beguiling and powerful to any receiver. A love potion, presented as art.

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