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& Creation

Creator and Perfumer Cobi Marsh believes in the ‘anti- fragrance’; a conceptual idea that challenges any long held and incorrect ideas around modern perfume. Cobi has developed a perfume that evolves on the skin. For just as the physical and subtle body are in a constant state of ebb and flow; so should be the progression of our scent. We intend to marry the Herbe blend, to what already exists naturally.


To Cobi, ritual has been a powerful concept in her daily routine and beauty preparation. Our perfume series was the answer to awakening the primal olfactory senses. After deliberation and experimentation, Cobi has invented a truly unique and tactile sensory experience.  By testing and refining her product on close friends, Cobi has created a product truly relevant and in demand. Natural, beyond gender and an extension of the human that wears it. 


Process and ritual has been vital to Cobi’s methods. With an eye and a nose towards traditional perfumery, Cobi has sourced an entirely botanical blend, handmade in Melbourne, Australia and Los Angeles, California.


We deliver you Herbe: a nod to sophistication and function, a beautiful addition in your space. We believe our product is relevant to the demands of the modern and refined user; delivered with grace and respect from our hands to yours.

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