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*Herbe Perfume Activator (Eau de Parfum), e 100ml/ 3.3 FL.oz



Alcohol Denatured, Patchouli Ethanone, Essential oils (ethically sourced essential oils)


Our Perfume Activator is a revolutionary product that has challenged our preconceptions of fragrance. Our Activator is singular in it’s creation and has been designed to enhance and develop the application of Perfume Oil on the skin. Adding lift and softening notes of the existing Perfume Oil;  and furthermore,  enhancing the more discreet personal scent of the wearer.  The Activator contains pheromone- harmonising agents that develop uniquely on the skin. A polarising agent that encompasses the allure and mystery of one of the most powerful memory triggers and senses- Smell. 

*This ingredient list is subject to change; our customers may refer to the product packaging for the most current ingredient list.  

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