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Act I

*Herbe Parfum Primer, e 100ml/ 3.3 FL.oz


Ingredients: 100% Natural 

EcoSilk (natural Silicone), Capric Triglyceride (Fractionated Coconut Oil), Vitamin E, Essential Oils (ethically sourced essential oils)


Our Perfume Primer has been designed as the first component to our perfume ritual in Three Acts. It works to moisturise and perfectly prime the surface of the skin in preparation for our Perfume Oil and Perfume Activator application. We use no synthetic fragrance molecules in our Primer, and use high quality essential oils offering a clean, subtle scent and; a softening base- exquisite in its purity. Apply after showering and on to clean skin for best results. 

*This ingredient list is subject to change; our customers may refer to the product packaging for the most current ingredient list.  

See Act II 

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