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& Science

The Art of Pairing

Typically, layering regular oil blends or perfumes results in a superfluous, fleeting or decorative outcome. Our Perfume Oil and Activator have been designed to be paired together; both working harmoniously with the other to merge with the wearers skin.

Both the Perfume Oil and Activator contain similar base ingredients, their levels of essential oils differing dependent upon their fixative properties. All of our products are 100% natural with the exception of one synthetic fragrance molecule is used in our Activator, an essential ingredient that allows for the Botanical oils to change and develop on the skin. This singular molecule acts similarly to a pheromone or aphrodisiac creating not only a unique scent, but in our opinion- a feeling or emotion perfectly balanced with the user. 


It is has been imperative for us to source essential oils with extremely powerful fixative properties, specifically in comparison to synthetic fragrances that greatly differ when it comes to silage and longevity. By disregarding manmade fragrance molecules that make up the majority of fragrances on the market, our intention is to introduce a product that is simple and stand-alone.


Both the Herbe Perfume Oil and Activator; pairing together to unleash quality and subtle perfume that works to both enhance what exists; and to identify what is barely distinguishable. 

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